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Driving School | You Can Drive It Inc. : Staten Island, NY

New drivers are always nervous. Even if you have been looking forward to driving for years, it’s still going to be a little nerve-wracking when you finally get behind the wheel. We offer private lessons for students, so you can build your confidence as we prepare you to become a safe driver.

Our driving school offers convenient class times including day, evening and weekend classes. We have door-to-door pickup, so you don’t even have to drive to our main campus for your lessons. In addition to teaching you how to drive on the city roads, we will also provide you with simulated road tests to prepare you for the test and help you pass it the first time. We even have our own vehicles available, so there really is no good reason not to invest in driving lessons and prepare to get your license.

We are approved to offer the state-mandated 5-hour course that is required before you can sit for the test. This class includes lessons in how to handle road rage situations. Not only will you learn what to do if someone else is raging, but we will also teach you important skills so you won’t be the one becoming enraged.

We teach defensive driving techniques to help you prepare yourself for navigating our city streets and avoiding accidents. With our collision prevention strategies, you will learn how to watch your surroundings, anticipate what other drivers may do and avoid accidents. You will learn the rules and regulations of the road, and you will also learn about the consequences of driving while under the influence.

Our lessons are available by the hour, or you can save more by signing up for our special package deals. When you are ready to take the test and get your license, let our school help prepare you. Call us today at 718-987-4100 to set up your lesson times and start preparing for the big test.